Install piano

Stable release version

This is suitable for most users. Install in R:


See also piano on and the changelog for more information.

Development versions

For the latest features, install the Bioconductor development version according to these instructions. Also see this guide on how to use BiocManager with different package/Bioconductor/R versions.

The cutting edge code is available in the master branch (in principle identical to the Bioconductor development version) and in feature branches on GitHub. Install directly from GitHub in R with the command:

devtools::install_github("varemo/piano", ref="<branch-name>")


Piano is available through the Bioconda channel. Use the command below to install:

conda install bioconductor-piano

For reproducibility it is recommended to explicitly install a specific version, e.g. conda install bioconductor-piano:1.22.0.


Bioconda packages have a corresponding Docker BioContainer automatically created and uploaded to Pull the image for piano:

docker pull<tag>

Note: the default tag latest might not work. See bioconductor-piano/tags for valid values for <tag>.

In addition, Bioconductor also supplies Docker images for running R and Bioconductor packages.